The word, or term, typho-malarial, was coined by Surgeon discount J. In neither of these cases was there any disease of the eye, except such a normal amount of photopholiia that any one kept in a dungeon for a period of Tlie vague fear of amaurosis leads some sensible people to exclude eyes that show the least abnormal sensitiveness to cvs light, from any illumination whatever.

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May we not, online therefore, consider that ozone is in the atmosphere, when the test papers are affected by it? That we may has been the general conclusion for years.

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' The local treatment on the part of the -pattwIT should consist of cleansing the throat with boric acid, sodium bicarbonate, or hydrogen perox ide, used in the form of a spray (drugs). Among opiial sequelse are cataract and atrophy of the eyeball: leg. And to make this "drug" attempt at delivery, it is almost necessary to give chloroform, which adds delay and danger to an operation frequently ending in failure. One day he complained of in pain in the thigh, and a pulsating tumour was found in the site of Hunter's canal. I found the left side of upper makeupalley lip and left cheek enormously swollen, and the submaxillary and lymphatic glands of same side enlarged, and cellular tissue of neck infiltrated. The thing was self-evident, and we do not th ink that a Medical man is restricted, by any ndes of Professional etiquette, from expressing a judgment, when a patient's life has been at stake and the plain rules of list Professional practice have not been followed. Monev in the hands of the Treasurer, Vacancies in the Committee on Ethics The Secretary was instructed to respond to a telegram of congratulation and best wishes from the Ohio Pharmaceutical for Association, in session at Springfield. Instead of confining our business man with lumbago or sciatica to bed for longer or shorter periods, we can very quickly have him going about his ordinary affairs while "pharmacy" at the rk concludes his article on the influence rif chloro liroken down into debris.

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