WTO Wrap-up

Submitted by Sasha Costanza-Chock on December 21, 2005.English | WTO

The Hong Kong WTO Ministerial is over. If you're interested in contributing analysis of what implications the Hong Kong text will have for media, culture, and communication, please submit a story (use the link on the top left of this page to add content.) For analysis of what happened in HK, both inside the negotiations and on the streets, check out the following links:

Bridges (International Center for Trade and Sustainable Development) | No WTO Hong Kong Wiki | People's caravan aims for WTO and Hong Kong | Direct Action Against the WTO | Go Media (videos) | People's Radio Hong Kong | Indymedia.org article | Stop the New Round Coalition | Hong Kong People's Alliance on WTO | Transnational Institute: Beyond the WTO | Global Exchange's WTO Page | International Forum on Globalization | Peoples Global Action | Global Issues article | SEATINI - WTO and Africa | Media Culture Action (South Korea) | Stop WTO Video Blog | Hong Kong Independent Media