Activists mobilize for Hong Kong WTO

Submitted by Sasha Costanza-Chock on December 3, 2005.English | WTO


Trade ministers, NGOs, and social movements are all converging on Hong Kong, China, for the 6th Ministerial meeting of the WTO (World Trade Organization), which will take place from December 13-18th, 2005. A network of movement activity is bustling, with hubs including the Hong Kong People's Alliance on the WTO [en | chinese] and the Stop the New Round Coalition (SNRC), among others.

Peasants and small farmers from the Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, and Korea are getting organized to come to Hong Kong, mobilize against corporate globalization and present alternative proposals. Conferences, cultural events, mass mobilizations, and direct actions are being planned between December 11th-18th, with the majority of activity during The People's Action Week, opening with a Public Assembly of the movements on the 13th and closing with a mass march on the 18th.

Organizing momentum has increased with a string of strategy meetings and declarations by Asian regional NGO and social movements, including the Colombo Declaration in June: "We, workers, organized and un-organized, peasants, dalits, indigenous peoples, fisherfolks, women, students, migrants and other marginalized communities of Asia in solidarity with other peoples of the world will stand at the forefront of the global struggle against the Hong Kong Ministerial Meeting."

Media activists will also be arriving from around the region and across the world to hold workshops and skillshares, to strategize together, and to plan independent coverage of the mobilizations and events in Hong Kong. The media conference and workshop is called New Media and Social Transformation. The major purpose of the conference is to have more in-depth discussion on the independent media movement in Asia, and plan possible long-run collaborations. However, a workshop will be organized for independent reporters to cover the WTO, and a sharing and exchange workshop will be organized by the end of the WTO mobilization. Here is an update of the New Media and Social Transformation conference plan . [inmediahk site in chinese].

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