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Ministère de la Culture et des Communications du Québec

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In this edition of our Newsletter: The State Department of the USA held a second public briefing to discuss their work in the negotiations of the UNESCO Convention on Cultural Diversity;

“The UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the
Diversity of Cultural Expressions is very much in Australia’s best
interests: Prior to a vote for its adoption by the UNESCO General
Conference in October 2005 and early ratification by the Australian

Protecting Europe’s cultural diversity: Media, Entertainment and Arts
trade unionists call for steps to protect cultural diversity
Diversity of cultural expressions: France asks WTO to stay out of

Relationship of the future UNESCO convention on the protection and
promotion of the diversity of cultural expressions to intellectual
property rights

International Draft Convention on Cultural Diversity as a response to
the world cultural market

Europe, Diversité culturelle et Mondialisations

Canal+ et les majors américaines: Une vision désenchantée du

Dissemination and promotion of culture: “Could free access to
cultural works through public libraries pose a risk to artists and
the industry?”

Aides publiques à la production audiovisuelle: “Hollywood compte sur
des incitations fiscales”

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