Diversity of Cultural Expressions News

Diversity of Cultural Expressions News

Diversity of Cultural Expressions News of this week: http://www.mcc.gouv.qc.ca/international/diversite-culturelle/eng/index.html

In this edition of our Newsletter: September 13 to 29: 172nd session of the UNESCO Executive Board; October 3 to 21: 33rd session of the UNESCO General Conference; September 12: The Global Alliance international conference ‘Partnerships on the Move’; UNESCO Convention: “Focus Now on Building Strong Vote for Adoption in October” – The mobilization in Canada; Cultural Diversity and Promotion of European and Independent Audiovisual Production:

“We are facing an immediate challenge, and I ask you to continue
to rally around it as enthusiastically as possible: The adoption
of the convention on cultural diversity at the UNESCO General
Conference in October 2005”
Media, Cultural diversity and Globalization at the Asia Media
Summit (AMS): “Broadcasting is crucial to development”
Dispute Settlement - NAFTA - Chapter 11 – Investment: Contractual
Obligation Productions, LLC, Charles Robert Underwood and Carl
Paolino c. Government of Canada
“Make new technology an opportunity for all, in order to develop
new cultural uses for creation”
Audiovisual production in the Great Lakes region: Congo, Rwanda,
The World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), a opportunity
for a free and integrated information society

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