Iberian-America Protects Its Cultural Diversity

Submitted by Sasha Costanza-Chock on June 15, 2005.

Prensa Latina

Madrid, 15 Jun (Prensa Latina) Culture ministers and delegates from 18 Latin American nations, as well as Spain and Portugal, signed the "Declaration of Cordoba", which will serve as a base for common public policies to legally protect cultural diversity.

This and a proposal to create an Iberian-American cultural television channel are the most important accords of the VIII Iberian-American Culture Summit called by Spain´s Minister of Culture Carmen Calvo, and will be presented to heads of State and Government at the XV Iberian-American Summit in Salamanca in October.

The delegates propose that culture is one of the fundamental developmental policies of human beings and contributes to overcome poverty and inequality through interchange and alliances within the Iberia-American community and other cultures.

The project is in accord with the UNESCO Convention on Protection and Promotion of Diversity of Cultural Expression held last week in Madrid.

As a legal instrument, the document contains clear measures for sharing and combating piracy because, as Minister Calvo explained, the Iberian-American creative market is the one that suffers most from this plague.

The idea of an Iberia-American tv channel exclusively cultural is proposed as a voluntary project among the nations and technical details will be discussed in the July 14-15 meeting in Mexico City by the inspiring nations, Brazil, Mexico and Spain.

In addition to boosting integral cultural development to contribute to overcoming poverty and inequality, the cultural proposal seeks to promote and protect the cultural identities of Iberia-Americans as well as their languages, cultures, creative capacities and traditions.