Media Trade Monitor back up and running!

Submitted by Sasha Costanza-Chock on July 10, 2006.English

Some of you noticed that media trade monitor was down for several days recently, and we apologize - we had a malicious hacker who exploited a weakness in an old version of Drupal we were using (Drupal is a Content Management System). The problem was resolved by intrepid webmaster Ben Byrne, who updated to a newer version of Drupal.

So, the technical problem is fixed; however, switching versions produced various changes in the site design and functionality. In the next few weeks we'll be playing with the graphic design and some of the functionality of the site.

More than anything, what we need right now is to grow the community of folks who regularly post to this site. So, if you're a reader, please consider creating an account and posting! If you have any problems posting, contact me: schock AT Thanks

- Sasha Costanza-Chock, editor, Media Trade Monitor.